Which username should I use?

  • - Committed Applicants, Students and Alumni: Lifetime ID (e.g. JSmith10)
  • - Faculty and Staff: UNI (e.g. js2112)
  • - Applicants, Guests and Exec Ed participants: e-mail address

What else can I access?

The School's Single Sign-On technology allows you to simultaneously sign in here for all of the following:

  • - BOSS (Course Bidding) (Students)
  • - Canvas Learning Management System (Students, Faculty)
  • - COIN (Students) and the Alumni Job Board (Alumni)
  • - Community page (Students, Faculty, Staff)
  • - Social Networking (Students, Alumni, Faculty, Staff)
  • - Directory content and administration (Students, Faculty, Staff)
  • - Faculty Publication Management (Faculty, Staff)
  • - Groups at Columbia Business School (Students, Faculty, Staff)
  • - MBA and EMBA Student Services Web site (Students, Faculty, Staff)
  • - Room Scheduler applications (Students, Staff)
  • - Various CMS protected pages (Faculty, Staff)